Silage Plastic

Silage Plastic for all applications

Looking for high-quality silage plastic that really deliver as they’re intended to do? We only use the highest quality raw materials in our range.  So no matter what your required application, we’ve got a range of silage wraps and silage covers to make your life easy when it comes to making silage. In any agricultural operation, value for money is paramount. If you buy cheap silage films and end up wasting time on repairs, or even worse, suffering from degraded silage fodder, then the low price hasn’t justified itself, and in fact it can cost you money and wasted time.

Value for money comes with a product that functions exactly as intended, such as our professional silage wraps and covers. Built for large silage pits, or round / square bales, our silage plastics all feature exceptional puncture and tear resistance, high UV protection and outstanding longevity provided by a high level of structural integrity, making them a most effective oxygen barrier that you can depend upon.

Silage Plastic is not all the Same

Not all silage plastics are the same and raw materials can differ according to cost.  Our silage wrap films are 100% recyclable and are constructed from high-quality Dowlex Linear Low-Density Polyethylene or LLDPE.  The quality of plastic raw materials used in manufacturing will generally influence both the cost and behavioural qualities of silage plastics.  Better quality silage plastic equals a better-quality wrap or cover. More importantly, the quality of the film will influence the quality of baled or covered silage. So, if you’re selling silage or consuming it for your own livestock, you get far more value from a high-quality wrap or cover.

For example, the LLDPE ‘C8’, favoured in the manufacture of our silage wrap products, is probably the benchmark material for producing a quality silage plastic. The results are products that are highly stretchable, malleable, and yet offer excellent puncture and tear resistance to protect the anaerobic fermentation process that’s occurring inside the wrapped bale or pit. In addition, the quality of feed is improved, because your silage doesn’t degrade prematurely.

Three Quality Silage Wrap options to choose from

We offer a comprehensive range of silage wrap that covers all baling machines and applications.  All of which utilise high quality silage plastic raw materials in their manufacture process.

The Economax 5 layer product is European manufactured perfection, with a 25um thick 5-layer film that offers a 70% stretch, and exceptional protection from UV degradation.

The SiloPower25is also 25um thick, but has a 7-layer construction that’s perfect for maximising strength and versatility. Offering 70% stretch and high UV protection, the SiloPower25 is built for Aussie conditions.

The SiloPower21 is also a 7-layer film, but is a thinner film for softer less challenging applications and comes with 26% more film on the roll, at a massive 1900m length. If you want to keep bale costs down without sacrificing quality, this is the film for you.

Silage Plastic in Pit Covers

While perhaps not quite so critical, yet still highly important, the quality of silage plastic in silage pit covers will focus more on providing a thick oxygen barrier that will last well in the direct sun, without the required high stretch qualities of silage wrap films.  Rather this specification of silage plastic will focus more on longevity and reducing light transmission, while not overheating the ensiled materials, hence the black underside and white colour on the top side.

Black on the underside is used to reduce light transmission through the layers, while the white on the outer surface reflects the sun’s heat and assists in not ‘overcooking’ the silage.  With the improvement and option of a clear under-liner of thinner clear plastic, rolled in with some of our pit covers, the result is that there is less wastage in the ensiled material directly under the silage plastic sheeting. 

So, effectively this is assisting to lessen spoilage from oxygen penetrating directly underneath the cover as the inner lay sits closer against the fodder and acts as an excellent secondary barrier. The oxygen barrier film is important in all silage preparation because, of course, oxygen can cause the silage fodder to spoil prematurely.

Raw materials affect on the price of silage plastics product

Quite often, different brands of silage plastic wrap and covers will be bought based on price alone, without enough regard for the quality of the plastic raw materials being used in the construction of the finished silage plastic.  Cheaper silage wrap can often use cheaper substitutes in the raw materials for the manufacturing process.  These will generally become evident by the way the film behaves and performs, and the operator will notice a distinct difference both at time of application, as well as when it comes time to feed the fodder material out.

In silage wrap products, a lesser raw material can mean that the film doesn’t stretch appropriately, and tears and punctures can occur more easily. Of course, punctures and tears can be repaired, but this is time-consuming and irritating.  When film behaves this way it can also be a direct indicator of how the wrapped bale will age and wear.   If signs of stress are appearing during the film application process, it will pay to recheck how those bales wear over time as the film may be overstretched.

UV protection

The other factors affecting good quality silage plastic are adequate UV inhibitors used in the film recipe.  This is particularly important when the film is in direct sunlight.  All our films are made with high Ultraviolet protection for our conditions.  All our films come with a minimum level of 180 on a kilo Langley rating.

UV conditions are high in most parts of Australia, which is why we pay special attention to the UV protection in our silage film. We focus heavily on delivering practical, cost-effective solutions for our customers, but we firmly believe that quality is far more important than price when it comes to silage plastic. The losses and expenses you can experience due to poor UV protection are simply not worth the hassle.

An experienced team to help

Are you having issues with the type of silage plastic you use currently? Tired of tears, punctures and wastage in your silage processes?  We always focus on your individual needs, which is why we’re confident of finding the perfect solution for your silage making. You can contact our head office any time and speak to one of our friendly team. We’re agricultural experts, and we understand the operations involved in good quality crop packaging practices.

Also, we have depots throughout Australia so no matter where you are we are close by and we’re here to help.  Please call our head office on 08 8162 3800. Contact our friendly team today, and we’d be happy to discuss your silage needs.