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Our team believes in delivering value, range, and exceptional customer service. So many distributors, farmers and contractors choose us because we make life as easy as possible for our trade partners, and we never compromise on quality and performance in a crop packaging selection.

Our silage wrapping products are made specifically for harsh Australian conditions, giving you peace of mind that when applied correctly, your silage won’t spoil prematurely, even in the hot Aussie sun. With great UV protection, better strength and more durability, our bale wrap sets the standard for Australian agriculture.

Features and Benefits of our Silage Bale Wrap

Bale wrap is one of many terms used to describe silage wrap and predominantly refers to the film for wrapping big round bales. These bales are formed for the purpose of making fermented silage from the baled and wrapped fodder materials.

In terms of the differences that dictate the quality of bale wrap, the number of construction layers in the manufacture of the film will have a big influence on how that film behaves and ultimately how it performs.

We supply a range of bale netting and silage wrap options to suit all applications. Manufactured to high performance requirements, our products give you more stretch, more UV protection and better protection from oxygen ingress. From the higher performing 7 layer constructed films through to the 5 layer standard plastics, our range has got you covered for every application, every condition, any fodder material or bale shape.

Bale Wrap Construction Layers – Why it’s important

The number of layers in co-extruded silage film generally ranges between 3, 5 or 7 layers.  While many years ago a 3-layer constructed bale wrap film was the standard, performance was improved with the introduction of 5-layer films to suit more demanding machinery.  Nowadays, the benchmark appears to be 7-layer films, which for the purpose of wrapping round bales, are considered to have superior performance over 3-layers, and to a lesser degree 5-layer bale wrap products.  

The advantages in performance are particularly in the areas of puncture resistance and tear resistance with the higher number of layers. So, for more challenging materials, 7-layer films are preferred, as they not only provide high performance in their main function of keeping your fodder protected, but they can also lead to better shaped bales.

While there have been recent inroads into the development of 9-layer film, these are generally more suitable for industrial applications over fodder conservation due to the film’s behaviour.

Our 5 layer and 7 Layer Silage Wrap Films

Our silage bale wrap range consists of only European made high quality products.  Some machinery operates on a low stretch ratio of 50-55% and, in this case, doesn’t really push the extreme limits of the film.  Therefore, the farmer or contractor will be more concerned with the price of the product over its performance.  Our 5-layer film is generally less expensive and an excellent option in this case.  It offers good quality results for a fair price and will work well in most all conditions.

In addition, the 5 layer range also offers a stretch of up to 70%, allowing farmers to do more with less. It’s also extremely user-friendly, offering the correct opacity to clearly identify when wrapping is adequate.

Our 7-layer coextruded films, on the other hand, offer total uniformity in the film thicknesses, meaning there are fewer weak spots that can occur due to the film being thinner in certain spots.  This uniformity offers a smoother operation with fewer breakages and better dart impact features in the film as well, making it perfect for wrapping stalky crops.  This film is preferred by serious machinery such as Goweil or McHale Twin Orbital wrappers, which have an aggressive start with a higher stretch rate of 70%.  Machinery like this will generally require a quality 7-layer film for maximum performance, while a lesser quality film will have its limitations exposed with such machinery. 

Our Bale wrap is 100% Recyclable

Both of our 5-layer and 7-layer films also provide great bale sealing abilities and boast optimised adhesion with liquid integrated tacking. This advanced tacking greatly reduces the risk of oxygen transfer, meaning your silage won’t spoil prematurely. Our 5 and 7 layered film construction also boasts high UV protection and provides a smooth outer layer on the finished bale.  Also, our 5- and 7-layer bale wrap products are 100% recyclable, as they are made from superior quality LDPE helping to make our bale wrap products some of the best quality films on the market.

The experts you can count on

If you want quality bale wrapping products, baler twine, silage pit covers and net wrapping, look no further than our team of professionals. We provide our customers with a comprehensive service that includes helping you choose the right products for your machinery and applications. Agriculture is our business, and we’re passionate about what we do.

For maximum convenience, we’ve set up depots throughout Australia, so it doesn’t matter where you are, we can deliver to you. For all orders large and small, we can reach you fast and limit any downtime associated with running out of your essential crop packaging supplies. Contact us today, and we’ll be glad to help with all your bale wrapping needs.